MATERIALS:  Two Glossy drawing paper sheets A 4 size,

Rubber solution for art one bottle,

Plastic bottle with nozzle,

Camel photo ink colors transparent,


PROCEDURE: Fill the rubber solution in the plastic bottle. Take the glossy                                                       sheets and make snail type or any design of your choice with the rubber                               solution.

Let it dry completely. Splash water all over the paper randomly with

your hand.

While the water is wet put drops of colored inks of multi color, all over the                             paper sheet in a splash manner and let them merge also . Now let it dry                                completely for 24 hours.

Then rub along the paper with your hand and peel off the dried rubber                                  solution.

Place the two sheets back to back and laminate them. Have fun creating                                 endless designs of your choice. have fun watching your child create master                           designs of art !!

rubr mats1rubr mats2rubrmats3rubrmats4rubrmats5


MATERIALS: Two Black paper sheets A 4 size,
Wooden blocks,
Fevicryl (company name) or other available pearl metallic colors copper, gold, silver,
Painting Brush.
PROCEDURE: Take the wooden blocks and each time apply color with
the brush properly in all corners and the stamp the block
on the paper. Repeat for second sheet of black paper.
Let it dry completely. Place two sheets back to back and
Laminate them.

zari matszari mats2



MATERIALS: Colored cotton cloth,

Thick crochet string,

Big craft needle,

Big beads of different varieties,

Small colorful pompoms of wool,

Curtain sticks of glass or plastic,

Metallic Bells with loops on top,

Golden ‘Tui ‘OR ‘Gota’ (=ribbon),

Double sided tape,

Cotton for filling,


Needle and thread regular stitching size,

Fevicol/white Glue.

PROCEDURE: Cut three small squares of the colored cloth and fold them diagonally into                            triangles.

Stitch the open sides of the triangles. Cut off one point of the triangle to fit a                         beak.

Now turn the triangle inside out from the cut made for beak. Stuff cotton                              into it from the same hole.

Put a double sided tape around the stuffed parrot starting from the the center                      point on the parrot.

Take it all around the parrot in slanting line twice. Means after it comes back                       to starting point take another round adjacent forming a V shape .

Cover the tape with golden ribbon exactly. Now close the open beak by                                   stitching a small cloth triangle on it.  Take a small piece of another color                                cloth for the beak and stick the open end beak part with glue.

Make all the three parrots similarly. Stick two sequins for eyes with glue.

Stick one pompom at the tail end of parrot.

Take a crochet string about a meter long and thread it in the big needle.

First attach a bell starting right from the end of the string. Next put a big                                bead.

Next a pompom. Then put a stick through the needle. Then a big                                               bead again. Then a parrot by passing the needle right through the parrot.

Repeat the above pattern for all the parrots.

Put a small piece of another color cloth for the beak and stick the open end beak                part with glue.

raj prts 1raj prts 2raj prts 3


MATERIALS: Mosquito net thinnest variety from any hardware shop available.in all colors ,
Pencil for rolling ,
Fancy ribbon ,
Decorative roses and flowers ,
Double sided tape ,
A piece of thin floral wire.
PROCEDURE: Cut any shape and any color of net into desired size of basked with scissor.
After cutting in any shape apply double sided tape around its edges so that it is half
on one side and half on the other side. Cover the double sided tape  with ribbon exactly. Make waves on the edge by pushing it with your hand. For the handle cut a strip of
net about two inches wide and desired length. Use a pencil to roll it into
a pipe. Now stick double sided tape on it in slanting lines like a candy.
Cover the tape with ribbon. Attach the handle to the circle with a floral wire.
Decorate flowers and roses with double sided tape.
Some baskets shown in adjoining photographs have flowers made of folded
Currency notes and coins for wedding decorations.

net bsk1netbas4netbas3net bas 2


MATERIALS: Transparent plastic sheet A 4 size,
Black Foam sheets available at auto repair shops,
Fun foam sheets for craft of different colors,
Stones of different shapes and colors,
Fevicol/White Glue,
Lithium battery CR 2032,
Two small LED Bulbs.
PROCEDURE:  Make one round shape and six mango shapes from the
plastic, foam and fun foam sheets. Stick them in order. Black foam then
color fun foam and on the top of the fun foam stick the transparent plastic.
Decorate with stones and punched fun foam as per your choice with ideas
from the adjoining photographs. Make a small slit in the center and fix
the battery which is like a coin . Attach the LED bulbs on the battery
testing the side on which they work. When not in use reverse the bulbs
or remove and keep. Let all the pieces dry completely for 24 hours.  You can float all the pieces of rangoli in a bowl of water.

rangolis 4rangolis 1rangolis 2rangolis 3rangolis 6rangolis 5


MATERIALS: Wheat Flour
All cereals and Food grains and Dry fruits and Indian Spices.
Colored gift wrapping paper of any design.
Fresh or Decorative Flowers
Colored Candy Sweets
Full size thali/Steel plate
Mud diva for the center
Method: First cover the thali with colored paper stuck with fevicol/white glue.  Make dough with flour like chapattis. Add Turmeric in it so it becomes yellow. Roll out SEVEN thick chapattis evenly and cut them perfect round with a small bowl. Size them so seven can fit in the thali and fill it completely. Now arrange toothpicks in each circle to form eight parts in each.
This is what to fill in each 8 parts of the circles:

English names
Indian names

Circle one: 1. Green gram              = green mung
2. Yellow split gram                         =yellow mung dal
3. Chick peas small                         =Kabuli channa
4. chick peas big                              =chhole
5. Green peas dry                            =dry vataanas
6.split red lentil                               =Masoor Dal
7.red kidney beans                         =Big rajma
8. Split black gram                          =split kaali dal

Circle two: 1.Small red kidney beans =rajma small
2. Split green gram                       =split moong
3. Black gram                                 =sabut kaali dal
4. Horse beans                              =Udad dal
5. Small black eyed beans          = chola small
6. Black eyed beans big              =cholas big white
7. Bengal gram                             =Channa dal
8. Field beans                               =Val ki dal dry

Circle three: 1split red gram     = Tur dal
2. Rice grains                                =chaawal dana
3. Split Bengal gram                    =Daaliya
4. Broad field beans                    =Rangooni val
5. China beans                              = china beans
6. Raw peanuts                            =Sing kachcha
7. Sago                                           = sabudana
8. Sesame white seeds                =Til

Circle Four: 1.Saunf                   = Variali
2. Corriander seeds                    = Akha dhana
3. Cumin seeds                            =Akha jeera
4. Carom seeds                            = Ajmo
5.Fenugreek seeds                      = Methi seeds
6. Cinnamon                                 =Tej
7. Cloves                                       =Lavang
8 .Indian bay leaf                      =Tamaalpatra

Circle Five: 1.Big pepper        =Kaali mirch
2. Poppy seeds                         = Khus
3. Black sesame seeds           =kaala til
4. Mango seed                        =Kokum dry
5. Star cardamom                 = Star elaichi
6. Moth beans                       =math
7. Fennel seeds                     =Kanda ka beej
8. Musk melon seeds           =Magajtari ka beej

Circle six: 1. Beaten rice        = Pauva
2. Kashmir red chillies dried =Kashmir mirchi whole
3. Flax seeds                       =flax seeds
4. Round red chillies dry= Boriya mirchi whole
5. Pumpkin seeds             = Kolha ka beej
6. Broken wheat               =Faada lapsi
7. Mustard seeds              =Rai
8. Rock candy                   =Khadi saaka

Circle Seven:1. Cashew nut=kaju
2. Raisins                       = Kismis
3. Almond                     = Badam
4. Walnut                      =Akhrot
5. Cardamom               =Elaichi
6. Dry figs                     =Anjeer
7. Pistachio                  =Pista
8.Dates                         =Khajur


MATERIALS: Big size steel plate

Colour paper

Wheat flour dough with Turmeric powder,

Red beans,(chanothi)

Decorative resham balls

Mud lamps,(divas)

Fevicol/White glue

Fresh flower buds (Papaya Tagar  Kalis )or Handmade from solawood and green floral tape

Fancy balls for decoration

PROCEDURE: Stick color paper inside the plate for filling the background first.

Make one small centre circle and six Petal shapes from the dough.

Shape the petals into hollow from the center. While dough is fresh and soft

Stick all flowers (papaya kalis )as per design and put the red beans for

decor.  Stick some fancy balls for decor with fevicol /white glue as per choice.



MATERIALS: Steel thali (plate of steel) with side edges

Colour cotton material of different colours

Card paper

Different colour and shape stones without holes

Fevicol/white glue


PROCEDURE: Draw the round thali shape on card paper. Cut one colour cloth of same

shape and stick on card with fevicol/white glue. Then trim off the excess cloth. Stick this piece

on the inner base of the thali. For the sides of the thali make semicircles of fitting size

on card paper and stick different colour cloth on them .Now stick these on inner sides

of the thali with the fevicol/white glue.

Decorate with stone designs of your choice with ideas from the adjoining photographs.

You can use stonework to decorate other items like small jewel boxes.