1)Take orange color Duplex paper or crepe and cut a piece of 115 cm by 2.5 cm.
Cut along both the 115 cm sides with a zigzag scissor.

(follow the step by step pictures for the marigold center piece and then the flower)

2) Take needle and thread and take a running stitch along the center of the 115 cm piece all through till end.
3) Twist the line at some intervals like a ‘GAJRA’ (which is a floral decoration used in the hair by Indians)
4). Pull the string and make both ends come together.


1) Take another piece of orange Duplex material of 5 cm by 50 cm
and cut one side with zigzag scissor, by folding it first.
2) make cuts at distances of 1/4 cm all through the side.
3) Roll the piece and give shape of a broomstick. At one end tie it with a 15 cm long wire.
4) Fix this piece into the center of marigold.
5) Take green floral tape and cover all the base of the marigold till the end of wire.
6) The Marigold flower is ready. You can also make a garland of the flowers , then you do not attach a stem.




MATERIALS: Organdy Material (Red, yellow,blue,pink,white) from a cloth shop,
Floral tape green which is self sticky,
Floral Wire,
Duplex paper green,
Zigzag scissor,
PROCEDURE: Make square pieces of the organdy cloth of any one color you like of 8 cm by 8 cm. (follow the pictures given for 6 step by step folding for one petal).
Fold these squares from two opposite corners to get a triangle. Open the triangle and fold the other two corners slightly more than the center line. Then fold the piece into
half. Keeping the flat side on top crimp both ends of it.For the center just make a thin roll of organdy and fold it in half. Keep arranging petals around center, each one halfway
behind the first.
Cover the base with green floral tape and then attach same
tape to a piece of wire and cover it. Attach the flower to the stem also with the green floral tape.

Take a piece of floral tape of total 2 inches and cut one edge with a zigzag scissor. attach this below the flower as the sepals.

Tie the roses into bouquets in the desired forms and baskets.



MATERIALS: Pure Glycerin soap suspension bars from Hobby Ideas, OR any craft shop,
Molds of any kind,
Colors and perfumes for soap making from Hobby Ideas, OR any craft shop,
Pan for boiling,
Gas or Microwave.

PROCEDURE: Take the desired amount of soap bar and put it in a DOUBLE
BOILER. Do not heat directly over gas. Which means you boil water in a
Larger vessel and place the smaller vessel with the soap bar in it. As it melts
Keep pouring into molds. Do not wait for the entire bar to melt completely.
This is because the soap sets also fast. After you fill a few molds put drops of
the color you wish and give it a swirl with a stick or spoon inside the mold.
Let it cool in the molds and set.
Here your creativity is dependent on which mold designs
YOU select. GO FOR IT! ITS GREAT FUN and moreover you can gift these specially crafted soaps to some special people in your life!

soapssoaps 2


MATERIALS: Thin aluminum foil,
Artificial plastic leaves,
Air drying clay,
Golden beads,
Thick one inch ribbon any color, or a cord,

Fevicryl acrylic paints,
Fevicol/White glue,
Old key chains with rings used here (can replace with
Aluminum foil circles with a hole punched or cardboard circles)


PROCEDURE: Take the ribbon or a cord of the length or one regular doorway.

Take the plastic leaves and arrange two leaves as shown back to back
and stick them . Stick golden beads on them for decor.
Cut the aluminum foil into mango shapes and paint them
With fevicryl colors on both sides . you can emboss them also and decorate by sticking coloured stones.
Make flowers of the air drying clay and stick them on a key-chain
ring or a cardboard circle.
Cut small pieces of the ribbon and attach them behind all the entirely ready
pieces and then staple them on the main ribbon. The door hanging is ready.

Make variations as per creative choices.

FOIL TRN 3FOIL TRN 1fl torblob


MATERIALS: Tinted papers (Pink, white, yellow, green)/playing cards

Fevicol, White Glue,

Paper punches (flower, maple leaf, small center flower),

Ball tool for embossing,

Round mirror,

Mount board,

Plastic stand,

Single hand puncher.

PROCEDURE: Cut 20 pieces of pink tinted paper measuring 8cm by 6cm in                              size. Or you can use old playing cards.

Fold these papers from two corners to get two triangles.

Now fold from base of triangle horizontally.

Fold the paper half from the center of two triangles.

Insert all of them to each other to form a round frame around the mirror.

(Entire procedure can be done with playing cards also alternatively)

Punch flowers from the tinted paper or just use ready decorative flowers of                          felt cloth or any other of your choice.

Paste the mirror on the mount board.

Place the playing cards or paper frame in the border of the mirror.

Arrange the flowers and leaves around the mirror on the frame.

Paste a plastic stand below the mirror.

Work on the pieces for folding with the step by step pictures provided .






MATERIALS: One medium quality soap not very soft,

Half inch ribbon of  any color,

Paper Pins one box/ Ball headed pins,

Artificial roses,

Small piece of thin wire/pipe cleaner.

PROCEDURE: Take the pins and fix them into the soap on all the borders

on the top and bottom surface of the soap and  on all the

four sides make double lines..Push the pins only                                                                           halfway into the soap.

Take the ribbon and starting from any point on any side

of the soap encircle it /twist it,on a pin  in an ‘8’ shape. Complete the entire                           one surface and then do the lower side in the same way.

Do with the second line from the sides in the same way.

Cover a piece of wire with the ribbon and make a handle on

the soap by poking it into the soap. Or use a pipe cleaner of the same                                       colour as available in craft shops.

Fill the top with artificial flowers poking each one with a pin.

ribbon basketrbn bsktrbon basket


MATERIALS: Small circles of cork wood coaster size,

M seal white,

Chocolate molds of choice fruits: orange, watermelon, kiwi etc,

Fabric colors,

Transparent Varnish.

PROCEDURE: Make the m seal mixture and put into molds which have been slightly greases with oil from first. Let them dry completely. Remove the shapes and paint them. Stick them with fevicol/white glue  on the cork wood coasters. After it is completely dry coat it with transparent varnish for a shine.