MATERIALS: Corrugated fun foam sheet.

                        Thick string.

                        Paper punch.

                        Colored fun foams sheets.

                        Fevicol/white glue.

PROCEDURE : Take a corrugated fun foam full sheet and fold it from one of the                                      smaller sides up to ¾ .Punch holes on both the parts of the folded                                    sheet. Punch one hole on the top center. Pass the cord through the                                    punched holes and knot it at the ends. Make some shapes by cutting                                the colored foam pieces and stick them with fevicol/white glue. Pass a                            piece of string from the top hole for hanging. The wall folder is ready.                            Use it for paper and pen and some light stuff like that. Make                                                interesting innovations by yourself to suit your needs.                              

                      foam wall hangings





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