MATERIALS: Cardboard sheet.

                        Old magazines with colorful pages.

                        Fevicol/white glue.

                        Black chart paper sheet.


                         Plastic sheet.

                         Double sided tape.

PROCEDURE: Take the best picture pages you like from old magazines.

                          Cut stripes of the same size from the sheets. They must be

                          Minimum one inch wide. Fold the strips vertically half as shown in the

                          adjoining photographs and stick them slightly overlapping on the                                     cardboard from one end to another.

                          Select a stencil design from the internet and trace it on the

                          Black chart paper sheet. Cut the sheet a bit smaller than your

                          cardboard from all four sides so that you can see the colored

                          Magazine papers from all sides. Now cut the stencil with a

                          cutter and place it on the cardboard and stick it.

                          Stick a plastic sheet on top of all with a thin double sided tape.

                         You can frame this pretty picture as per your choice.

stencil pic 1stencil pic 2stencil pic 3


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