MATERIALS: Drawing paper.

Poster color paints.


Hard board or Card board.

Black chart paper /Black felt cloth.

Fevicol/White glue.

Round mirrors.


PROCEDURE: Take the hardboard/cardboard and stick the

black paper /felt cloth on it to size. Take the

drawing paper and draw with a pencil lines of half

inch width on the entire page. Now take red color and

paint one of the half inch strips. Then add a bit of white and

make a lighter shade and paint one strip just next to the                                                             red strip.

Then add more white and make a more lighter shade

and paint a third strip next to the second one.

Do the same with blue color yellow color and green color.

Paint three shades of each color .

Draw petals into each three strips taking all three shades

into each petal.

 Use ready fun foam striped sheets for some flowers.

Cut all the petals and cut  the green ones into the leaves. Take

Each petal and roll the top edge outward with a pencil

only at the tip. Now stick the mirrors on the black board

at random distances and these are the center of the flowers.

Now stick six petals around or more for full flowers and

make some half flowers. Add the green leaves. Paint the branches or stick foam                   which has a glitter on it.

Add more decorations as per your choice. The frame is


               STRIPED PIC



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