MATERIALS: Two sheets of large sized newspaper.

A Stone.

Prime tape.

Black chart paper.

White tissue paper.

Fevicol/white glue.


Ready made plastic eyes one pair.

PROCEDURE: Take a stone of any shape, medium large.

Take the newspaper and crumple it around the stone.

With the same newspaper crumple a new portion above the stone for the                              head.

Add a portion of newspaper to form a tail.

Stick prime tape all around the Penguin tightly shaping it.

Make sure the Penguin stands flat at bottom.

Stick pieces of white tissue paper cut randomly with glue.

Make another layer of the tissue paper.

Cut the coat joint with the tail and feet and wings of the Penguin with black                         chart paper.

Make a small cone with the black chart paper for beak.

Stick the plastic eyes or cut two circles of black paper and stick.


MATERIALS: Thermocol Sheet 4 inches width at least.

                        Thermocol balls.

                        Googly eyes.

                        Plastic Toothpicks for hands.

                        Decorative flower.

                        Wooden beads.

                        Ball headed pins.

                        Paper pins.

                        Ribbon piece.

                        Two board pins.

                        Small plastic bottle top for nose.

                        Red Santa cap ready made.

                        Fevicol/white glue. 


PROCEDURE: Shape the snowman from the thermocol.  The head is shaped as

                         Ball. Stick the Santa cap on the head with glue. Put the ribbon around                              the neck and pin it at a center point on neck with ball headed pin or make                            a design with ball headed pins on the border of the ribbon as shown in                                  picture.

Poke the board pins for the ears and the plastic bottle cap as nose and

stick it with glue. Stick the googly eyes and poke the wooden beads

with the paper pins for the smile. Stick the thermocol balls all over

The snowman and poke the two toothpicks as hands.

The snowman is ready.


With the same thermocol cutout make a penguin by decorating with crepe paper, tinted paper and fun foam as shown in the pictures.






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