MATERIALS: A Window Box.

Small plastic sea creature toys.

Thermocol Balls.


Pistachio shells.


Fun foam.

Xeroxed fishes from coloring books.

Felt tip pens.


Green corrugated paper.

Googly eyes.

Fevicol/White glue.


PROCEDURE: Open the Box and put a blue corrugated paper at the base for water

and stick it. Color the fishes with felt pens and cut and stick them all                                       around.

Stick googly eyes and stick thermocol balls as bubbles near the mouth of                               each fish.

Stick a bit of sand at one end of the water. Stick small plastic creatures and                          shells with glitter on them .Cover the pistachio shells with foil paper and                              stick  them also.

Cut small pieces of the fun foam in star fish shapes and other shell designs.

Stick the star fishes inside and the other shells on the cover of the window                            box on the borders. Cut green corrugated paper as grass and stick some                                inside and some on the cover of the box. Stick some balls of cotton with                                  glitter on them on the leaves inside the box. Close the cover of the box .



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