MATERIALS: Black foam thick piece,

Paper sheet with embossed web design ready.

One large coffee shaker bottle lid/or similar lid.

Pipe cleaners.

White and black paper sheets.

Fevicol/white glue.

Single hole paper punch.

PROCEDURE: Take a piece of black thick foam and cut a

note book size piece. Cut an embossed paper

Of same size and stick it on the foam with glue.

Make eight holes on the sides if the lid with a

paper punch for the spider’s feet. Cut eight small pieces from the pipe

cleaner and poke them through the holes. Cut eyes

with the white and black paper sheets and stick on

the lid. Stick the whole lid on the base of foam. The spider is ready. you can                          alternately hang the spider with a string also instead of sticking it on the                                foam base.

Watch the joy on the face of the kids when you create these colorful                                       spiders with them.

spidersspider 1


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