MATERIALS: Any empty sweets box.

Fevicol/white glue.

Aluminum foil thin variety.

Paper punch of flower medium size.

Sticker stones.

Glitter fun foam sheet.


PROCEDURE: Cut big flowers of the glitter fun foam and stick them on

the box. Take foil and punch three pieces with the paper punch,

as you will require three pieces per flower. Then fold the petals

As shown in the picture. The first flower is flat, second slightly folded

Petals and third is folded the most. Stick a sticker stone in the middle

of the third flower.

Now stick all the three flower in order with glue. Make a lot of flowers

Like this with foil and stick them on the box all over as you wish. Create

more designs with these foil flowers on different boxes. take different                                    flower punches and make exciting bunches of flowers.

This one is my favorite and it looks really really awesome for decorating                               any gift for any occasion and decorating more items. So go and make it                                  now!

foil flowe 4


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