MATERIALS: 2 Art paper sheets slightly thicker.

Fevicol/White glue.

Old broken comb.

Fevicryl / any all surface paints.


Fevicryl /or any 3 D out liner of glitter gold color.

PROCEDURE: Draw the outline of the desired picture of anything like

Flowers, puzzles. Here we have chosen Lord Ganesha. Take some fevicol

In a bowl and add few drops of water to make it just slightly flowing but not                         watery at all.

Apply it all over the paper with a stick for evenness and let it come out of the                       outline of the drawn picture also, it does not matter. The thickness of the                               fevicol/white glue layer should be visible.

Press the comb in one direction across the full picture on the fevicol/white glue.

Let it dry completely for 24 hours. Take the paints and color it. Then cut out all

the parts of the picture and stick them on a new sheet.

then take the 3 D out liner and outline all the parts of the picture neatly.

Create beautiful greeting cards paper bags and more with this technique. Happy               creating!

fevicol comb paintfevi comb paintfevi comb paint3


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