MATERIALS: Fancy paper quilling strips of shiny papers.

Plain colored quilling strips.

Caps from plastic bottles.

White paper Doilies.

Thick golden card paper.

Smiley stickers.

Fevicol/white glue.

PROCEDURE: Cut each quilling strip in half. Stick 3 Doily papers on golden card paper.

Take 10 half cut quilling strips and stick one end of each in the                                                  center of one doily and stick. Form a sun shape .Fold the lose ends of the                                strips and bring them to the same center and stick again. Take a bottle cap                            and stick it on top of the flower center. Stick a smiley sticker on the cap.

Complete the entire flowers in the same way.

With broader size of quilling paper strips you can make a different type of                            flower as shown in the picture.



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