MATERIALS: Thin aluminum foil.

Paper crimper.

Paper punch flower shape.


Chain for necklace with hook.

Thin aluminum wire.

Decorative pieces of stone or flowers etc..any.

Needle(thicker type).

Fevicol/white glue.

PROCEDURE: Cut some pieces in pentagon shape and punch or cut some pieces

into flowers. Crimp all the pieces with a paper crimper. Poke

two holes in each of the pentagon and the flower shape pieces

on  upper flat end with a bit fatter needle. Cut tiny bits of the

thin wire and fix all the pieces with the wire one by one from each piece

to the next piece. At both the ends fix the chain with a hook also with

the aluminum wire.

Stick decorations on the pieces with fevicol/white glue.

foil neckfoil neck 2


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