MATERIALS: Large old perfume box(opening from center).

Sticker wall paper.

Ear bud or any stick.

Small dolls clothing.

Small round metallic button.

Transparent plastic sheet.

Double sided tape.

Fevicol/white glue.

PROCEDURE: Cover the box with the sticker wallpaper.

Inside the box stick a ear bud or stick with dolls

clothing already hanging on it. Fix it with fevicol/white glue

on both ends.

Finally put some extra decoration on the outside

of the wardrobe to give a personal touch. Stick a small

Metallic button on the top as a handle.

Stick transparent plastic on the wardrobe

doors like a glass to see through the wardrobe.

dolls cup 2



MATERIALS: Drawing sheet white.

Transparent plastic sheet.

M seal.

Metallic wire thin (silver or golden).

Fabric color paints.

Fevicol/white glue.

Marker pens.

Double sided tape.

PROCEDURE: Paint some multicolor butterflies on a drawing paper

Sheet with fabric color as they have a glossy finish.

Take different colored marker pens and make outlines

On each butterfly. Cut each one out and cut a plastic sheet

Of the size of each one by placing them on the plastic sheet.

Take a piece of m seal and after mixing it make small bits of

It and stick on centers of each butterfly. Take the thin wire

And cut antennae and shape and poke them into the m seal

While it is not dry yet. Put double sided tape behind each

And they are ready to stick anywhere on wall, doors.



MATERIALS: Coconut shells halved and cleaned.

Book spring pieces.

Cotton balls.

Water color paints.

Fun foams white and pink.

Thermocol plate and cup.


Fabric colors.

Piece of sponge.

Mount board.

Small fur pieces for eyes and mouth.

PROCEDURE: Turn the coconut shells upside down. Pierce

A hole and fix a piece of spring for its tail.

Stick cotton balls for eyes and nose after

dipping them in water colors. Stick fun foam

Pink and white ears. Stick the eyes and nose .

Paint the thermocol cup and plate and make a

house for mice. Cut a door also. Place all on

a mount board.

coconut mouse


MATERIALS: Thermocol plate.

Thermocol bowl.

Fabric colors.


Any artificial flowers.


PROCEDURE: Paint the backside of the plate and the bowl with

Yellow fabric color paint mixed with some fevicol.

(or any color of your choice) Let it dry. Stick the bowl

On the plate. Decorate by sticking ribbons and flowers

Of your choice.



MATERIALS: Air drying clay.

Different molds.

Fevicol/White glue.

Black thick paper sheet.

PROCEDURE: Take the different colors of clay and put them into desired moulds.

Here we have to make sure that only a thin layer of clay is used

to get the almost paper thin creations made . Remove the clay and stick

it on the paper sheet with fevicol/white glue.

Make remaining designs in the background like the sky without molds. Just                          shape with fingers. Let it dry. You can frame it also. Explore making                                       different pictures and more detailed art as you go along.


clay pic


MATERIALS: 2 Colorful craft paper sheet of your choice.


Glue stick.

A piece of thick card paper/foam.

A sticker smiley or any decor of your choice.

PROCEDURE: Cut both the sheets horizontally half . So now

you have four long rectangular pieces. Fold them

as you fold a fan from shorter sides and join all four . Now

join this long piece at both ends to form circle.

Press down the circle to form a flat circle as shown.

Turn this on the back side and securely stick a circle cut

from foam or thick card in the center with fevicol/white glue.

Turn it right side again. Make a smaller rosette fan in the same

way and stick it on the bigger one. Put a smiley or decor

in the center.

fan 5


MATERIALS: Xerox copies of magazine pictures.

(Or ready made sheets for 3 D craft)

Thick double sided tape.

Plain paper cards and envelopes or handmade ones.



PROCEDURE: Cut six pieces of the same design item eg. flower you have chosen.

Make sure that you cut each piece smaller and smaller.

Cut tiny bits of the thick double sided tape and stick

them on the cut pieces of design. Stick these pieces one on top of the other                           as shown in the photographs, keeping them in gradation of larger to                                       smaller.

Keep sticking  them in some angle to show a bit of all the six copies.

Then place the entire piece on plain card. The 3 D greeting card is ready.

cards 1cards 2cards 3