MATERIALS: Any empty sweets box.

Fevicol/white glue.

Aluminum foil thin variety.

Paper punch of flower medium size.

Sticker stones.

Glitter fun foam sheet.


PROCEDURE: Cut big flowers of the glitter fun foam and stick them on

the box. Take foil and punch three pieces with the paper punch,

as you will require three pieces per flower. Then fold the petals

As shown in the picture. The first flower is flat, second slightly folded

Petals and third is folded the most. Stick a sticker stone in the middle

of the third flower.

Now stick all the three flower in order with glue. Make a lot of flowers

Like this with foil and stick them on the box all over as you wish. Create

more designs with these foil flowers on different boxes. take different                                    flower punches and make exciting bunches of flowers.

This one is my favorite and it looks really really awesome for decorating                               any gift for any occasion and decorating more items. So go and make it                                  now!

foil flowe 4



MATERIALS: Common salt used for cooking one packet.

All different color chalks.

Empty Glass bottle of fancy shape.

Grater used in kitchen/kitchen mixer.

PROCEDURE: Take one small portion of salt and grate one colored

chalk stick or powder it in the mixer and mix as required.  Pour this

powder into the bottle and make different layers of colors.

For a slanting line tilt the bottle a bit before pouring the next color chalk. Never shake the bottle to adjust any color. All the colors will get mixed up badly.

This is a really unique way of creating sand art bottles and the look is different from color sand as this is not really sand . It is chalk which looks like sand.

sand art



MATERIALS: Black foam thick piece,

Paper sheet with embossed web design ready.

One large coffee shaker bottle lid/or similar lid.

Pipe cleaners.

White and black paper sheets.

Fevicol/white glue.

Single hole paper punch.

PROCEDURE: Take a piece of black thick foam and cut a

note book size piece. Cut an embossed paper

Of same size and stick it on the foam with glue.

Make eight holes on the sides if the lid with a

paper punch for the spider’s feet. Cut eight small pieces from the pipe

cleaner and poke them through the holes. Cut eyes

with the white and black paper sheets and stick on

the lid. Stick the whole lid on the base of foam. The spider is ready. you can                          alternately hang the spider with a string also instead of sticking it on the                                foam base.

Watch the joy on the face of the kids when you create these colorful                                       spiders with them.

spidersspider 1


MATERIALS: Empty tins of Threptin biscuits/any wide tins.

Glitter fun foam sheets.

Punched paper flowers.

Fevicol/white glue.


Tea light.


PROCEDURE: Cover the tin on the outside with the sticker glitter fun foam sheet.

Stick the punched paper flowers on its border with fevicol.  Put a Tea

Light inside the tin and make it hang on the wall with a string,or keep it flat                          on the ground. you can also fill it with water and float an appropriate diva.


tin lamps



MATERIALS: Tissue paper.

Fevicol/White glue.

Masking tape.

Brown fabric color.

Any decorations for different flavored doughnuts.

PROCEDURE: Take some tissue papers and crush them into a

round shape of doughnut. Fix them together with masking

tape. Again make tid bits of tissue papers and dip them

in a water and glue mixture. Paste them all over the doughnut

till you see no masking tape. Let the entire doughnut dry for

a day. Paint the doughnut in chocolate brown fabric colour

mixed with some glue. Make a couple of coats of the paint.

Sprinkle the decorations on wet paint for different flavoured doughnuts.




MATERIALS: Two Thermocol cups of different sizes.

Fabric colors.

Thin brown paper.

Thick rubber band.

Colorful stickers of all shapes.

Fevicol/white glue.

PROCEDURE: Take the thermocol cups  one big and

one small. Paint them both in different fabric

colors with little fevicol mixed in it.

Let them dry. Stick a design of sticker shapes

on both the cups. Join them both by their base

with fevicol/white glue.

Cut a circle of the thin brown paper bigger than

The open mouth of the bigger cup. Crumple this

circle fully with your hand and then open it.

Put it over the cup and fix it with a thick rubberband.

Your colorful drum is ready.




Materials: Bubble paper.

Fevicol/white glue.

fabric paints.

pipe cleaner sticks available at craft shops.

paper cups.

Procedure: Take a pipe cleaner stick and cut a piece of bubble paper of the same length                          of  the stick. Place the stick on one end of the bubble paper and put some glue                     and start rolling it. Roll the full bubble paper on the stick.

Make more sticks and let them dry. then paint with the fabric colors and let                         them dry again. fold them in the desired cactus shapes and put them in paper                     cups .



bub pap 4bub paper 5